Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Winter Pastels

Homey Oh My

Pastels are no longer a color for the springtime only, they have become a popular, fashion forward color trend for the Winter as well, and can be carried throughout every design style and a variety of spaces from bathrooms and bedrooms to kitchens and living rooms.

My Domaine

Fresh Farmhouse

Soft warm tones not only lighten up a space making it feel airy, bright, and larger, but also give a fresh yet calming look.

Winter Pastels can be used as a main color within a space such as on a wall or large piece of furniture and / or used for accessorizing and detailing the finishing touches, such as coordinating pillows, vases, blankets, and rugs.


Sheer Luxe

Brit & Co

Whether you’re going for a delicate and subtle look or trying to make a bold statement, pastels can cover any look and feeling you’re wanting to accomplish.


House and Home


We recommend pairing with neutrals for a completed sophisticated look. Some of our favorite Winter Pastels include: Blush, Cream, and Gray.


Sunday, December 4, 2016


During my lunchtime walk, I came upon this furniture
 set by the side of the road, for the town's annual cleanup. It didn't look very old probably less
 than 7 to 10 years I'm guessing. Yes, it is falling apart and being thrown out like a beach 
umbrella... that made me reflect on the furniture we craft. We often say that it is built to be 
passed on to the next generation. Not just durability, joinery, or attention to detail, but pieces 
that will both look appealing and timeless. In contrast, the Cherry dovetailed bookcase shown is
 about 30 years old with daily use. Yes, it still looks good as new, sure its had a few scratches 
over time, but because it is constructed from solid wood, those scratches were easily touched up
 and we still use this at shows. Investing in good, well crafted furniture now, will pay dividends for decades to come. We're proud to say Made in Maine.

                         B E F O R E 

                         A F T E R 


Friday, March 18, 2016

Walnut Four Poster Floor Lamp - Workshop Update

This week we are focusing on finishing up a custom four poster floor lamp for one of our clients in Rhode Island. We love how it is turning out so far, the deep walnut wood and tiger stripe maple really makes an eye catching statement and is very attractive looking. Below are some photos from the shop showing the building process of this lamp.

Here we are fitting mortise and tenon joints in the tiger striped Maple frame. The integrity of the joints are important, after all they need to last for generations!


A little help with pre-assembly fitting of all the components from our shop dog Brookie!
The Four Poster Floor Lamp has 32 joints that create the final assembly and encase the Walnut cube.
More photos of the completed project to come! 


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Maine Boats, Homes + Harbors Show - Summer of 2015 Experience

Last Summer, we exhibited at The Maine Boats, Homes, + Harbors show in Rockland, ME. We were thrilled with our corner booth in tent J not only for the open layout and awesome foot traffic but also the cool coastal breeze occasionally blowing into the tent on that oh so hot Summer weekend.

There was a fantastic turn out and great interest in our furniture and lighting, we were so pleased. We really enjoyed meeting a variety of potential clientele and having the opportunity to discuss each of their individual interests in our furniture and lighting on display as well as discuss some custom pieces they were looking to have designed for them, one on one. These trade shows that we have been fortunate to participate in, have allowed us to showcase our products as well as design expertise first hand and up close. The clientele also has inspired us to create new pieces which have helped us to further develop our product line.

Being on Rockland's beautiful Maine coast is such an experience in itself, from attending the events within the show, to enjoying some of Maine's finest Summer treats, and viewing such a quality of craft throughout, it is certainly something you do not want to miss. Overall it was a great experience and we are eager to return again this August with some new furniture and kitchen designs! We'd like to encourage everyone to check out the show and to stop by to view our products as well as discuss any future projects you may have.

Until then, be sure to visit our website and check in with us frequently for furture updates inspiration, and more!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Looking Up

It has certainly been a while…

But we are back and ready to roll!

Hope everyone has enjoyed this Winter season as much as we have… totally looking forward to Spring!

So now that we are back, we’d like to share with you an architectural detail that can be incorporated into many design styles and transforms a space dramatically. When it comes to ceilings there are many elements which can be added, shaped, and designed, into various forms, sizes, and materials. We have put together our own list of some of the best and hope you will consider these in your future home endeavors!

Coffered Ceilings: They add dimension to a room, are great for ceilings over 9' high, work with many different styles, and can be made of wood, tin, or plaster. We've uesd this style ceiling in a kitchen we did in Orono, Maine  and it was very eye catching, made of wood that was painted a bold hunter green color which worked really well with the custom wood stained cabinetry. It added dimension but at the same time also made the room feel cozy and gave it a unique architectural detail. This style can work great in almost any room.



Vaulted Ceilings: These are often seen in buildings such as churches but also make for a great element in your home as well. This style allows a room to feel spacious and is often ideal for smaller rooms. This will turn a regular room into a great room.  

Rustic Ceilings: Add warmth and character to a room, often incorporate historic materials and fun history, they can also be very unique.


Tin Ceilings: Adds value as well as rich detail. They are beautiful, often historic, and can also be used to cover an otherwise problem ceiling. They can be customized with lines, details, convex and concave shapes, and all add a special textured look to any ceiling.


All of these ceiling styles can transform a space, it all depends on how it is installed, the materials selected, color, scale, and style you're trying to capture. What kind of ceiling will you select for your home?





Sunday, April 7, 2013

Coastal Inspiration

What inspires you?  
Being born and raised in the state of Maine, you develop a love for the coast. There is something refreshing about the cool breeze over the ocean waters that gives you a relaxed feeling and clear vision.


As a child I remember loving to go to the beach with a sand pail on family vacations and collecting sea glass, sea shells, and even some rocks. There was something artistic and fun about each unique treasure we collected and these are the memories we keep with us throughout a lifetime.
When designing furniture we like to think of natural elements around us.... landscapes... flowers...the coast. The shapes and forms you capture from these elements can inspire you to design abstract yet classic pieces to bring into your home, office, and space in general- they create a story.


One of our first furniture designs was the "Bistro" table. It's tall, slender, curving figure became of our contemporary designs inspired by sea shells. Made from rich woods and crushed mussel, lobster, and clam shells, we were able to bring natural, eye catching colors to our pieces. The metal ring centered within the table parallels the round table top to complete this simple, clean, and classic look.


Our Bistro Table made of wood and crushed lobster shells has won second place in the New England Products and Crafts Trade show for New Product of the Year. Interested in learning more about this table or purchasing it for your home or office? Please contact us via our website http://www.couturehomeanddesign.com/

Take a walk along the seashore and enjoy!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Welcome to our blog!

Let us share with you a little bit about who we are and what we do.

We are a third generation custom furniture and architectural woodworking company based in Maine. Our small family owned company has designers on our team based in New York City as well as Maine. We strive to blend the latest design trends with traditional Maine craftsmanship and quality.

Our designs include everything from furniture, lighting, and accessories to custom kitchens, architectural elements, and more.We work directly with customers as well as architects and designers to customize each project to your specific needs.

We are in the process of renovating our website, look for our new and improved site coming this Spring.