Sunday, December 4, 2016


During my lunchtime walk, I came upon this furniture
 set by the side of the road, for the town's annual cleanup. It didn't look very old probably less
 than 7 to 10 years I'm guessing. Yes, it is falling apart and being thrown out like a beach 
umbrella... that made me reflect on the furniture we craft. We often say that it is built to be 
passed on to the next generation. Not just durability, joinery, or attention to detail, but pieces 
that will both look appealing and timeless. In contrast, the Cherry dovetailed bookcase shown is
 about 30 years old with daily use. Yes, it still looks good as new, sure its had a few scratches 
over time, but because it is constructed from solid wood, those scratches were easily touched up
 and we still use this at shows. Investing in good, well crafted furniture now, will pay dividends for decades to come. We're proud to say Made in Maine.

                         B E F O R E 

                         A F T E R 


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