Monday, March 3, 2014

Looking Up

It has certainly been a while…

But we are back and ready to roll!

Hope everyone has enjoyed this Winter season as much as we have… totally looking forward to Spring!

So now that we are back, we’d like to share with you an architectural detail that can be incorporated into many design styles and transforms a space dramatically. When it comes to ceilings there are many elements which can be added, shaped, and designed, into various forms, sizes, and materials. We have put together our own list of some of the best and hope you will consider these in your future home endeavors!

Coffered Ceilings: They add dimension to a room, are great for ceilings over 9' high, work with many different styles, and can be made of wood, tin, or plaster. We've uesd this style ceiling in a kitchen we did in Orono, Maine  and it was very eye catching, made of wood that was painted a bold hunter green color which worked really well with the custom wood stained cabinetry. It added dimension but at the same time also made the room feel cozy and gave it a unique architectural detail. This style can work great in almost any room.



Vaulted Ceilings: These are often seen in buildings such as churches but also make for a great element in your home as well. This style allows a room to feel spacious and is often ideal for smaller rooms. This will turn a regular room into a great room.  

Rustic Ceilings: Add warmth and character to a room, often incorporate historic materials and fun history, they can also be very unique.


Tin Ceilings: Adds value as well as rich detail. They are beautiful, often historic, and can also be used to cover an otherwise problem ceiling. They can be customized with lines, details, convex and concave shapes, and all add a special textured look to any ceiling.


All of these ceiling styles can transform a space, it all depends on how it is installed, the materials selected, color, scale, and style you're trying to capture. What kind of ceiling will you select for your home?