Sunday, April 7, 2013

Coastal Inspiration

What inspires you?  
Being born and raised in the state of Maine, you develop a love for the coast. There is something refreshing about the cool breeze over the ocean waters that gives you a relaxed feeling and clear vision.


As a child I remember loving to go to the beach with a sand pail on family vacations and collecting sea glass, sea shells, and even some rocks. There was something artistic and fun about each unique treasure we collected and these are the memories we keep with us throughout a lifetime.
When designing furniture we like to think of natural elements around us.... landscapes... flowers...the coast. The shapes and forms you capture from these elements can inspire you to design abstract yet classic pieces to bring into your home, office, and space in general- they create a story.


One of our first furniture designs was the "Bistro" table. It's tall, slender, curving figure became of our contemporary designs inspired by sea shells. Made from rich woods and crushed mussel, lobster, and clam shells, we were able to bring natural, eye catching colors to our pieces. The metal ring centered within the table parallels the round table top to complete this simple, clean, and classic look.


Our Bistro Table made of wood and crushed lobster shells has won second place in the New England Products and Crafts Trade show for New Product of the Year. Interested in learning more about this table or purchasing it for your home or office? Please contact us via our website

Take a walk along the seashore and enjoy!


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